How frequently should a house be re-wired?

As per industry consensus, the time period for getting a house re-wired is every 25 years.

Do you offer rewiring for all property types?

Yes, our expert service includes rewiring of all kinds of properties, from apartments to multi-level buildings. Contact Cardiff electyrican contractors for a quick quote.

How do I know my property needs repair work?

Having a regular maintenance done will ensure you to know when your house and appliances need a repair work. Moreover, if you experience flickering lights, poor illumination, unusually high electricity bills, and voltage issues, its possible your house or appliance needs repairment or replacement.

What kind of service do you provide?

We provide comprehensive electrical service that covers all aspects of electrical systems and related features whether it is a residential, industrial, rental, or commercial unit. Furthermore, we also offer a quick response, 24-hour emergency electrician cardiff service to minimize damage and provide repairment asap.

What commercial electrical services do you provide?

We provide comprehensive commercial services, taking care of all your electrical needs. Along with simple wire fixtures and fittings, we also provide rewiring, EICR reports and much more.

How Often Does A House Need To Be Rewired?

The recommended length of time is usually 25 years.

How Much Does A House Rewire Cost?

From £2500 – but it does depend on how many bedrooms your house has and what is required so this is by no means an accurate quote but should give you a rough idea of what to expect as an absolute minimum.

What About House Value & House Insurance? Does It Help?

Any savvy home buyer will find out how old the wiring is so if you are on the 25 year mark they will know that once they have bought the house, they have a bill coming to get the wiring fixed.


In terms of house insurance most insurers will ask for an electrical safety certificate, so it is highly recommended to have one.

Is It Going To Be Messy?

Unfortunately yes, it’s a bit messy but we are seriously clean and tidy installers so we will clean up after ourselves!

Do You Rewire Flats?

We do, we find that top floor flats are easier, whilst middle floor flats are harder with no easy access to above or below.

Can I Part Rewire My House?

Technically yes, you can but it can be a very tricky job.  We won’t know what we would be faced with, if the previous installer has not previously labelled all items clearly then we could be in trouble.  This also means escalating costs for you if we open the can of worms and we get met with a mess.  9 time out of 10 we say no to this type of work for this reason.

Does Rewiring Make My Energy Bills Cheaper?

Having newer wiring can make the system run more efficiently which can make bills cheaper!  We can also fit energy saving items such as lamps to help you consume less electricity.

Should I Tell The Neighbours?

We would recommend letting them know it might be a bit noisy whilst we carry out the work.

Will You Need Access To The Loft?

Yes to do a full job.

How Long Does It Take & What Does It Involve?

It depends on how big your house is, but on average it can take about 3-5 days. Sometimes we will need to carefully chisel a channel into the wall, we don’t plaster this up again.

I Don’t Fancy Paying All The Money For This – What Can I Do?

We get that its not as enjoyable as purchasing a holiday but it is one of those things you just have to do. We wouldn’t recommend doing your own rewiring as it has to be professional signed off.  You can read out blog post about it here.

You can also help make the job a lot easier for us by moving furniture to make sure we have clear access and lifting carpets.

Will I Need To Move Lots Of Furniture?

You will have to move furniture to help us prepare but don’t worry, we will send you a document about how best to do this.

Will The Power Be Off When Installing?

Power can be on overnight, however during the day we can leave essentials such as fridges with power.

Should I Be Worried About Ageing Electrical Wiring?

Deteriorating electrical wires can become a fire hazard. If cables are deteriorating it can cause arcing which can create a fire. Aluminium cabling also has a higher chance of catching on fire. If you are unsure of what type of cables you have, just give us a call and we can take a look.

How Can I Find Out When My House Was Last Rewired?

Sometimes a date is on the consumer unit but we can tell by looking at the installation as to roughly when it was last done.

What Happens If You Find Asbestos?

We will let you know it is there, carry out a test to be sure and then we will deal with it.  We are highly trained in this scenario.

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